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SMS Pulse
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Many organisations believe that SMS enablement of their systems is either complex, expensive or both.  With smsPULSE they are wrong. With smsPULSE we bring the costs of up-front and ongoing spending down.  Coupled with our integration services, companies can easily assess the costs of such facilities and make decisions based on reality.

Why is SMS enablement with smsPULSE economical

  • Reliance on solid platforms as the smsPULSE Server
  • An SMS server that is flexible and reliable with proven track record in 22 countries
  • A development environment which is versatile
  • Services which are highly focused and effective
  • Server cost is low, message costs are low and our services charges are very competitive


Multiple Protocols

smsPULSE is available with two communication protocols.

  • HTTPS (sms credits are bought from us)
  • GSM (sms credits are bought from your SIM vendor, Mobistar, Proximus or base using a SIMbox)
  • MMS - for sending and recieving multi-media files

All protocols are available in all installations.  Depending on your licence, HTTPS only protocol is available in smsPULSE Standard edition while other protocols are available in the smsPULSE MM edition. You may start with the Standard edition and upgrade to MM at any time

Browser Interface

smsPULSE offers different methods of integration into your Windows environment - the common interface is a Web Browser.  Complete Administration is provided using a Browser, regardless of platform. smsPULSE for Domino also offers a client interface and management via the admin client.

  • smsPULSE, smsROUTER and smsLINES add-ins
  • A collection of databases used to control and handle messages
  • Many console commands
  • All activities are recorded
  • API using various common methods
  • In a Domino environment optionally use specialist mail forms
  • Integration with directories

You may integrate non-Domino systems, too.


smsPULSE MM provides two-way messaging using attached GSM devices (upto 16).

  • Send SMS using HTTPS or GSM
  • Receive SMS using GSM
  • Send and received MMS using the MM1 protocol
  • Route your inbound messages using smsROUTER
  • Build sophisticated Routing-Rules to deliver your messages to individuals or systems
  • Handle complete work-flow over SMS.

You may start with one-way SMS and upgrade later.