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Esker Deliveryware
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Esker delivery Ware is thé end-to-end solution for process handling of (paper) documents. It enables organizations to manage business critical documents, send and receive documents from any source, directly in or from any ERP or CRM application. Built around a proprietary engine, Deliveryware "reads" the required documents (invoices, emails, PDF files, scanned documents, etc.) and automatically routes it to the destination application. With the intelligent document process management Deliveryware offers lots of opportunities for process automation (workflow) of documents: Purchase Invoices, Sales Invoices, Automated document processing for web publishing, ERP and e-mail traffic; Document Format (templates) Automatic document archiving, electronic validation and so on

As an Esker Partner, VEMA Projects can advise and install Esker Deliveryware for you with the necessary after support and education.

All information about Esker Deliveryware can be found on their website