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Email Security

Email is the most widely used application on the Internet but its use also represents significant risks to your organisation.   As email is closely linked with web traffic, not only the email and its attachments need to be checked, but also all http links in email are a potential treath to your organisation.

Vema Projects provides a highly effective and integrated set of on-demand managed services to protect, control, encrypt and archive email communications 'in the cloud' based on MessageLabs technology.



The spam service protects your users and your network against unsolicited email.  Our multi-layered, internet-level spam filter protection service blocks 99.4% spam, removing email spam threats and improving your team's productivity.


Our multi-layered Antivirus service is the only solution in the world that stops 100% of known and unknown viruses, trojans, phishing or other malware.

Content Control

Content Control scans inbound and outbound email to identify confidential, malicious, inappropriate language, offensive jokes and other inappropriate content.

Image Control

The Image Control service blocks all inappropriate images for inbound and outbound traffic based on a sofisticated Image Composition Analysis (ICA) technology.

Email Archive

The Archive service meets your requirements for mailbox management, e-discovery, email compliance and supervision.

Email Policy Based Encryption

Policy based Encryption helps helps saveguard the confidentiality of sensitive data you exchange with customers or partners by scanning every element of every message (including attachments) for specific words, prhases, or number specified as sensitive in your policy.

Email Boundary Encryption

Boundary Encryption securely encrypts your email communications between your network and your business partners (customers, partners, suppliers, ...).